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why does rwanda speak french

Having all the world speaking English, I think it is not difficult to get people to come and teach us," said Yisa. The intention is to change the entire system within a few years and raise a generation of Rwandans fluent in English. Since the 1994 genocide, the complications of relations with successive French governments, the return of numerous Tutsi refugees from anglophone Uganda and also the general reduction of French cultural influence relative to the United States[5] has meant an increase in the use of English by a higher proportion of the population and administration. The Rwandan genocide of 1994 negatively affected the status of the language among the Rwandese people, leading to its slow replacement by English. The pivot away from French language and influence deepened with Rwanda’s joining of the anglophone East African Community regional bloc and the Commonwealth club of former British colonies. "We have a common language: Kinyarwanda. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The central African state says its switch to teaching in English is aimed at increasing access to the global economy and is not linked to fraught relations with its former colonial master, Rwandan schoolchildren will no longer learn French. The UK is now the single largest donor to Rwanda, providing nearly half of its foreign aid, while Kigali has applied to join the Commonwealth though the country was never a British colony. A Rwandan historian, Antoine Mugesera, stated that French is still used among the educated while Kinyarwanda is used for matters relating to simple topics and messages. You have entered an incorrect email address! Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters. English is now a world language, especially in trade and commerce. 21361 B. Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265, ©2020 Language Magazine All Rights Reserved, Event: Bilingual English & Spanish Free Webinar on U.S. Voting//Mesa Redonda…, Conversations with Experts in Multilingualism, Free Workshops for Bilingual Parents in California, New Bipartisan Native American Language Bill, Google Limits Advertising to 49 Languages, Monday Deadline for Comments on Proposed Student Visa Restrictions, Bill to Support Distance and Blended Learning for Children in Need. France has long claimed Rwanda as part of its francophone fold even though there is only one language common to all citizens of the tiny central African nation — the indigenous Kinyarwanda — and only a minority of the population speak passable French. Thousands of teachers have already been taught rudimentary English as schools begin a rapid switchover to using the language for tuition in a few core subjects. [7], Swahili is used by some people, in commerce, and is taught as a subject in schools. In 2003, President Paul Kagame, a Tutsi, made English an official language alongside the country’s first language, Kinyarwanda, and French. French news and satellite television channels are popular. If Spanish or any other language could get us to that, no problem. It applies to the countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but not Libya and Egypt. But there is little doubt that the decision to change the way a nation speaks has its roots in the still bitter legacy of Paris's role in the genocide of Rwanda's Tutsi population, which has seen the expulsion of the French ambassador and the closure of the French cultural centre, international school and radio station in Kigali. French is one of Belgium’s official languages. But now Paris will not even be able to make that claim after the Rwandan government announced an ambitious plan to switch the entire education system to English and effectively purge the country of French as it is forced out of the workings of government. "That's not a big number but we are now working on an accelerated programme to train teachers in a mass. If Kinyarwanda could get us to that, that would be marvellous. At the heart of the dispute are attempts by each side to pin moral responsibility on the other for the murder of 800,000 Tutsis by extremist Hutus. The government also began conducting official business in English, although laws are still published in all three official languages, with Swahili added as a fourth last year. As Belgium is French speaking, a lot of Rwandans also speak French. Kinyarwanda is the national language of Rwanda, and the first language of almost the entire population of the country. Instruction at Kigali's elite Institute of Science and Technology is already in English and it is increasingly the language of the national university. In 2008 the government changed the medium of education from French to English. 1 decade ago. "It's choosing English as a medium of instruction so we Rwandans of today, and more importantly of tomorrow, will be able to benefit. Rwanda for its part has accused more than 30 French politicians, officials and military officers of supporting the genocidal regime, including the late president, François Mitterrand. Source(s): https://owly.im/a8nvF. The majority of Rwandans speak Kinyarwanda primarily or exclusively, but in 2015, the OIF estimated that 700,000 Rwandans (6% of the population) were French speaking, making it more widely used than English. France's leading anti-terrorism judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière, has accused Rwanda's Tutsi president, Paul Kagame, and other leaders of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) that overthrew the genocidal regime, of prompting the slaughter by assassinating the Hutu president, Juvenal Habyarimana. But the switch to English dominance is a huge undertaking in a country where more than 95% of schools teach in French to pupils from about the age of nine. 0 0 ♥ Hot Black Woman ♥ Lv 4. French Program for Refugees Shows Success, I Love My Librarian Award nominations will close on Nov. 9, Pocketalk Donates Devices to 100 ELL Teachers, Call to Reimagine English Learner Education, How to Best Support English Learners at Home, Applications for Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Due Nov. 10, Online-Only International Students Must Leave US, Paul Simon Study Abroad Act Reintroduced to House, Lack of Chinese Interpreters Cripples Zimbabwe’s Courts, Keep calm & communicate: COVID-19 Resources for Successful Remote Education, Language Learning with a Side of Art to Go, Applying Task-Based Learning to Extended Reality. The problem is the teachers, but we have already started training some teachers with English.".

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