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Vizslas are average friendly towards other dogs. Interestingly, scientific studies indicate that dogs with genetically diverse backgrounds are healthier and appear to live longer than purebreds. Although they are lively, gentle-mannered, demonstrably affectionate and sensitive, they are also fearless and possess a well-developed protective instinct.[6]. They can learn commands and tricks easily, especially if you know how to handle them. Fearful of what this Communist state would mean for the breed, some were smuggled into the United States and Austria. Throw a ball or any of their favorite toy for fetching or perhaps playing frisbee and catch with them. Vizslador dogs are known as “velcro” dogs — pooches that love cuddling and being close to their families. Nowadays, Labrador Retrievers are well-known as home companions. They are able to retrieve in the water as well as on the land. That’s why families with small children and other pets tend to get a Labrala to avoid any unruly behaviors. The Irish Setter is a perfect example for low drooling tendency. If your Vizslador takes after their Vizsla parent, they could be clingy and sensitive. The breed standard for the modern Irish Setter was drawn up in Dublin by the Irish Red Setter Club and approved in 1886. If you need to, ask a neighbor or friend to take care of them and give them their food and water. The Weimaraner has a low chance of biting somebody. Weimaraners are not apartment-friendly dogs. They came to the states after the war and quickly were embraced. The brand new hardwood floor I had put in was completely torn up in a year from her claws when she would suddenly become rigid. Training and socialization will make him obedient and relaxed. Advanced: The Irish Setter requires a lot of grooming. A good diet is essential for good health. Vizsla came from the Hungarian word that translates to “pointer.” Back in the ancient times, the Vizsla dogs were used by hunters to hunt together with falcons. Canine epilepsy and seizures. But Irish Setter requires Moderate maintenance. The various "strains" of the Vizsla have become somewhat distinctive as individuals bred stock that suited their hunting style. Potty training a pup could begin at around 3 to 4 weeks as they have better immune systems. Cancer of various types – some treatable others fatal. The “Vizslador” or “Labrala,” as this mixed breed is sometimes called, is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Hungarian Vizsla. I actually saw it as steps toward the healing of her psyche. They have long ears that are silky to the touch and well defined muscular structure. You might not always find a Vizsla Labrador hybrid on these shelters as they are rather rare, but you might fall in love with other animals as you search. Break this up into three or four meals. Records of letters and writings show the high esteem in which the Vizsla was held. Irish Setters are not good for novice owners, due to their stubborn personality. He also has a deep chest and hound like face. Irish Setters are very stranger friendly dogs. While this isn’t a bad thing entirely, it does become an issue when you can’t control them. Vizsladors are eager to please, but they will mature slowly. As said above, you need to start training your Vizsla Lab mix as puppies. Weimaraner is not the best dog breed for office environment. The docked tail of the Vizsla is significantly longer than that of other dogs with traditionally docked tails such as the Weimaraner, Dobermann, Boxer, and Australian Shepherd. Since both parents have black noses, that’s the color they tend to acquire. It is the smallest of the pointer-retriever type breeds. Slow to mature and will take time and patience to train. Easy to train, the Hungarian Vizsla works in water, forests and fields. If they feel like you’ve been treating them positively and praising them, they’ll be encouraged to continue training with you. That being said, they are very good swimmers and comfortable in the water. Both Vizsla and English Setter has almost same litter size. Leaving them for days at a pet hotel will leave them anxious and depressed. In addition, they are intelligent, calm and quiet in the house. As much as possible, stay away from harmful chemicals and preservatives. The Labrador comes in 3 colors: Yellow, Chocolate, and Black. Vizslador dogs can either have a coat color of rust, black, fawn, golden, or brown. The English Setter seems to have been a hunting dog in England as far back as the 15th century. We played music in the Intercontinental Restaurant on Bloor Street in Toronto. No one opened the door for him. Advocates of mixed breeds voice concerns that inbreeding and exaggeration of certain physical characteristics in purebreds can result in dogs with health problems. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But is this a great companion for those who like to be active and social? Various breeds are often mistaken for Vizslas and vice versa. Their popularity slowly rose during the 1800s when English noblemen were visiting Canada. [7] The coat could also be described as a yellow, copper-brown color, russet gold, and dark sandy gold. A Labrador’s average lifespan is 12 years. Your email address will not be published. Choosing which dog food fits them best is essential. If he is a country dog, he may well run off and be gone for an hour or two before he returns home.

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