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The oneshots range from short rewrites of Leafpool's Wish and The Raging Storm to leader ceremonies or relationship developments. Though's must be RiverClan's medicine cat? She could see Spottedleaf's spirit standing nearby, and she could hear her voice, "I am with you. CHAPTER FOUR Work Search: Tigerpaw saw his sister bounce with excitement. The group is torn by grief, but most of them ultimately decide to make their lives in the mountains with the Tribe of Rushing Water. It was something he just knew would happen. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are mates. They became very close friends throughout the journey. Since Hollyleaf is no longer apart of the prophecy there will be a new power of three, Yellowfang pointed her tail to Brightpaw. "Of course not, Brambleclaw. You are our only hope." But you need to leave as soon as possible. They don't know where they're going but it's going to be one hell of a ride. I'll leave the clan if that's what you want." Where's Mothwing and Willowshine?, Kestrelflight meowed. Even though Tigerkit was the oldest of his littermates he was still the most annoying and playful. They woke up the next day feeling rested. Squirrelflight was thirsty, so she bent over and lapped up the water. all of that "Finleap wants me to have kids" nonsense, Featherpelt aka Crowfeather's fifth daughter, each time i look at Breeze and Jay together, he forgets that breathing is a way to live, what Warriors would be if Tiger had been a good dad, that yellow cake batter smells disgustingly nice, maybe skip 63 cause you know what kind of decision THAT is, my version of human Breeze DOES have a tiny beard, includes my smart resourceful beautiful ladies, Goldenflower picks her grandson up from his body, while her son is questioning everything in his life so far, yes he was about to be accidentally named chicken nugget, i don't need to add anything to chap 94's comment, SPOILER WARNING for Gray's Vow for 98- i mean 97, RIP beautiful dark ginger curls we'll miss you, could've gone into deep description about his hair but me tired, please don't let "magic juice" mean anything questionable, see? "So this is it. Somehow Brambleclaw couldn't argue. Please consider turning it on! Brambleclaw hissed, “Yes, we are. Tigerpaw jumped up and fell on his belly. Tigerpaw wondered if he was dreaming, and why did this stranger want to teach him fighting skills? Rember you oponent won't just be defeated easily, Thistleclaw reminded him. About What? I'm going to go hunting, Squirrelflight. Silversong - Beautiful silvery sleek furred she-cat with light blue eyes. It's been a long time Firestar, Jayfeather meowed. Bramblestar and Jayfeather ran across the forest until they reached the nursey in ThunderClan. Your kits have to join you on this quest. Dawnclan must remain strong. I … Brambleclaw ate a mouse, also caught by him. ", "Anyway, when an apprentice has trained for six moons and passed their assessment, they become a young warrior. As the evening sun was sinking below the horizon, it cast an orangeish glow over the lake. We belong together.” The tom also purred. Squirrelflight nodded in agreement. "This the first leader of Dawnclan, Dawnlight. She felt a prick of annoyance, but decided not to say anything. She knew Brambleclaw was standing outside, pacing nervously. Jayfeather pointed his tail to the small tom. Her heart would always be with Thunderclan, but living here for now wouldn't be so bad. It may be easier to travel while they are all contained instead of trying to take the little kits with when they are so weak and hard to keep track of.". ", Suddenly a cat they all knew and trusted emerged. She was afraid that they might be born before they got to Dawnclan. Now for the first move, Thistleclaw leaped up and raked his hind claws on Tigerpaw's belly. If you are to have your kits before you arrive in Dawnclan, I will be there to help...." Spottedleaf's clear, calm, almost birdlike voice sang out. "But Squirrelflight is going to have kits soon! Firepaw heard about the former WindClan warrior Breezepelt, who betrayed StarClan and started training in the Dark Forest. On the hot day of Greenleaf a brown tabby streaked across the trees of ThunderClan territory. Squirrelflight lied to them. Leafpool was a medicine cat. "How about Smoothkit for that one? he asked her. There they go through a full warrior ceremony and pledge their allegiance to the clan.". Tigerpaw saw his brother lunge for a mouse. What if they are in trouble while we are gone?!" She had done enough lying. And he couldn't control that glow of love in his heart. "See? Squirrelflight had always known that having kits would hurt, but she never realized it would hurt this much. He wasn’t supposed to be a Twoleg’s pet again. Stonespot - Gray she-cat with brown eyes and white chest and long fur. A dark brown tabby tom with glinting amber eyes walked toward her, also leaving behind starry pawprints. Squirrelflight took a deep breath. Tigerpaw skidded across the dark forest floor. He just nodded. Whitestar - Pure white tom with emerald eyes and long fur. Tigerkit hoped that his mentor would be Lionblaze,the best fighter in the clan. he ends up finding out Leafpool’s secret, and decides to expose them at the next Gathering, in hopes of getting Brambleclaw to leave Squirrelflight so that Ashfur can take her under his wing. They generally seemed pleased that she and Brambleclaw were together again. Brightpaw couldn't believe it she and her littermates are the power of three! There shall be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of stars in there paws, Spottedleaf meowed. Then they reached the Dawnclan border. Awww mouse dung! The fox let out a yelp and tried to bite her ear, but she moved her head out of the way. "I...I'm so sorry about lying before. Squirrelflight said, quickly getting up. 'You're all cowards, just like Squirrelflight and Ashfur.' She appreciated him protecting her, but she really, really hated feeling so helpless. found you!, Tigerkit mewed in a cheerful tone. She said quietly. When a cat becomes an apprentice, they leave their clan and live in a place called the Apprentices Training Area, where they train with apprentices from the other clans. Okay, Brightpaw replied. And there is nothing you can do to change that!” Squirrelflight almost purred. Bluestar's state of mind hasn't improved, and worst of all, Tigerclaw has just become TigerSTAR. She walked over to the fresh kill pile and ate a mouse. She turned to say goodbye. Add to library 5 Discussion 2. Jewelpaw - Sleek very light gray she-cat with a golden chest and light blue eyes. Brambeclaw stood silent for a few minutes, then said, "I have a feeling if we wait he will reveal his true name to us." I need to match his loyalty from now on. Tawnypelt muttered. He was trying to act as if he didn't care that they were leaving, but she saw right through him. Was it a sign? Should we tell them about the prophecy?, Firestar mewed. he scented ShadowClan on his territory. ", Brambleclaw could hardly believe this. Brightpaw, go get cobwebs to stop Tawnypelt's bleeding, Jayfeather ordered. Because his head is smooth in the places without fur." Brightpaw wondered if Jayfeather could acutally see StarClan while dreaming even though he was blind.

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