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You might be surprised to learn that guinea pigs have 20 teeth! An example are these. Be Her Village. Still, we will give you the basics. Check the teeth for the presence of overgrowth and if they line up correctly every week. Guinea pigs have 1 trait that is extremely helpful in preventing malocclusion — chewing! Without proper tooth care, guinea pigs can develop cuts, sores, abscesses or overlong teeth that interfere with eating. Also, you can use a variety of chew toys and make sure that guinea pig’s diet includes carrots, hay and alfalfa cubes. However, there are various ways to prevent these problems from developing. Hissing: Like teeth chattering, this is a sign of a guinea pig … The molar teeth wear unevenly, and maxillary cheek teeth develop spurs which grow into and ulcerate the cheeks, whilst the mandibular cheek teeth grow towards the tongue causing buccal ulceration. Guinea pigs grind their teeth when stressed. The tooth grinding in guinea pigs can also be caused by stress. Start to feel the gum line to the diastema gap and from the premolars to the molars. When you perform a weekly health check, always check the teeth to make sure they are wearing evenly, there are no cracks and that the teeth aren't discolored. Amy Brantley has been a writer since 2006, contributing to numerous online publications. amzn_assoc_linkid = "6e070ee2d21ae0bbee371ad3f86f4080"; The treatment depends on the condition your pet is suffering from. Guinea pig’s teeth grow throughout his life and occasionally the roots can get pushed out or grow into the jaw. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; That is why it is important to check guinea pig’s teeth every day. We comply with GDPR and advertising laws of United States. What are molar spurs? If this happens, they can experience a lot of pain when chewing. Your cute fellow will become used to it after a couple of times. Issues regarding guinea pig teeth can cause the animal to have poor nutrition. Guinea pig teeth are small little things (except for their incisors), and they need every single one of them to digest food and stay healthy. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Provide snacks with tooth health in mind. Because a guinea pig's teeth are always growing, they need constant care to ensure that the teeth don't grow long enough to prevent eating. Typically, a guinea pig has 20 teeth. That’s right!. If you catch your pet suffering from any of these problems or other abnormalities, take them to the vet immediately. Dental problems are the most common issues which almost every guinea pig can suffer from at any time of their life. Do Guinea Pigs Lose Teeth & Grow in New Ones? How To Make A Hamster Cuddly? Obviously, we want to avoid that and make sure that our piggies are happy. Dental disease can make them suffer a lot and lead to difficulty eating, drooling, illness, and weight loss. Teeth Chattering: This is an aggressive vocalization that is a sign of an agitated or angry guinea pig. Pay close attention to your guinea pig's eating habits. If this happens, they can experience a lot of pain when chewing. So here is Millie, a now three month old pig. But you can prevent this by feeding them appropriate food. Your guinea pig needs your sharp eyes and overall awareness to tell whether he’s having painful dental issues. “In a healthy guinea pig, the biting, chewing and grinding of food (especially hays, grasses and abrasive foods) will normally keep the teeth at the proper length — a length which varies somewhat from one guinea pig to another,” Guinea Lynx adds. The teeth in the front, also known as the incisors, must come together and not curve. 5 Steps To A Cuddly Hamster! Guinea pigs won't bite you to wear down their teeth. Now, if you were to go about eating timothy hay, it wouldn’t work out so well. So what is the real answer? Your cute fellow will become used to it after a couple of times. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; If you answered yes to any of these questions, you pet might be suffering from dental problems. Happy Cavy Tips, Himalayan Guinea Pig – Ultimate Breed Care Guide. What To Do About It? Let us know! Share in the comments below how you take care of your guinea pigs’ teeth! If a tooth is broken or lost, your guinea pigs teeth will fall out of line. They have a total of 20 teethes, which consist of: The incisors are sharp and rest in front of the mouth, helping in the cutting of food. Both raw and cooked meat are incompatible with a guinea pig’s digestive system. On this website, you can learn everything about your new pet and we help to find the right pet rodent for you and your family! Maybe your guinea pig’s chin is wet? You also need to seek veterinarian attention if you notice a change in your guinea pig's eating habits or damage to the teeth. It’s important to check your guinea pigs’ teeth daily. Provide chew toys, chew sticks and even dog biscuits to help keep your guinea pig's teeth at the proper length. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "guinea pigs"; This ensures their teeth get worn down at a good pace. Lastly, weigh your guinea pig on a regular basis. Their diet is all vegetarian, and the purpose of canine teeth is to tear meat. And the answer is NO! Guinea pig teeth have to line up with one another so your pet can eat properly. Instead, let your local exotic vet handle it. Do not try to trim your guinea pig’s teeth yourself. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. You should also provide a diet high in vitamin C to keep the teeth healthy. Avoid generic “small animal” treats or toys. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s important to check your guinea pigs’ teeth daily. Today, I am going to talk not only about teeth but I am going to provide a wider understanding of the dental problems, treatments and prevention measures. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, read on. Take care of your guinea pig's 20 teeth to ensure that your pet stays healthy. The cost to get a guinea pig’s teeth trimmed might depend upon your vet, but expect to pay anywhere between 80$-150$ on an average. Guinea pig teeth are strong but far from invincible. Well, it is all a matter of relative size. SIDE TIP: Never feed your guinea pig meat! When their teeth wear down, they just keep on growing! The most common dental problems in guinea pigs include: If you suspect that your little piggy has any dental problems mentioned above or you just want to ensure their oral health weekly, you can do a basic examination at home. Any tips or tricks you’ve found that keep those chompers extra strong and healthy? You need to give them grass hay or grass and fresh green veggies . POST VET TIP: Always follow your vets instructions. Guinea pigs tend to chew on the cage bars which can damage their teeth. Though it rarely happens unless they bite down on something that they shouldn’t. Is your pet unable to keep food in his mouth? They also suffer from other problems that develop because of the improper growth of their teeth. If your guinea pig's teeth become too long, they may need to be trimmed, which your vet should do to prevent injury. If your pet has lost appetite, has troubles eating or is slobbering, these are all early signs of the malocclusion. The teeth are open-rooted and grow continuously throughout guinea pig’s life. Like most of the behaviors that guinea pigs will show throughout their lives this one can have multiple meanings though. To identify if you pet is suffering from any dental related problems, answer the following questions: Have you noticed that the teeth are sticking out of your pet’s mouth more than normal? Hold it from its back, and place it in your lap where you can find good light. They have incisors in the front, which are the sharp teeth you can see. Typically, if a guinea pig breaks a tooth, it grows back on its own and doesn’t require clipping but you might still contact your vet. The most common cause of drooling is that overgrown molars are trapping the tongue or digging into the cheeks. When a guinea pig is mad one of the things that you will likely hear from them is a purring sound. This little known plugin reveals the answer. From day one, they are ready to go. However, you will notice that the rest of their teeth bear similar names to what we humans have in our own mouths. As of their size, guinea pigs have little teeth. Because with the help of professional equipment, your guinea pig teeth can be trimmed. Avoid cedar and pine, especially. Moreover, their incisors are in a gap from the molars known as a diastema. Guinea pigs have large, ever-growing teeth that require attention and care to keep them healthy. Manufacturers make guinea pig toys and treats with their teeth in mind, so they should be safe. Your vet should be able to treat malocclusion, cuts and sores, abscesses and broken teeth — and even engage in a little bit of teeth filing — for your guinea pig. Carrots, apples and cabbage are nutritious additions to your guinea's pigs diet that also help the teeth, but introduce them slowly to avoid diarrhea. In some cases, you might see a guinea pig break a tooth. One we will mention later. Now hold its jaw between index finger and thumb, start checking his incisors first. This way, they stay a manageable size. Moreover, check their chest, chin, and belly if they are excessively wet because of drooling. To take a look at the molars, vets use buccal pad separators which hold the cheeks back. Providing certain toys and food, doing frequent mouth checks and having a specialized vet are some ways to help keep the teeth in good shape. Giving your guinea pigs wooden blocks or sticks (untreated wood only) to gnaw on in their cages will help them keep their teeth at the right length. If your guinea pig has overgrown teeth, we strongly advise a trip to the vet. You have to take your pet to the vet to resolve this issue. In addition to a serious stomach ache, you would notice your teeth becoming smaller and smaller. That’s where we come in, with this guinea pig tooth guide that will help you along the way. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon.

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