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Will they class both of these as “first offences” and let me pay the 2 x £2.50 crossing, or will only 1 count as a first offence and the second I will be whacked with this fine (which is obscene)? Had to ring a relative who lives in the area who found the number for us and the web address, tried to pay online, payment failed, rang number paid for crossing and return crossing a week later. Pete, Pay online or by phone, post or at retail outlets. It’s possibly worth a punt on £2.50. Yesterday I got a PCN and like others am nonplussed as I didn’t see any signage about payment and as the booths which I’d used to pay back in 2012 were gone I’d assumed that payment had been abolished. Penalty Charge Notice Another money making scheme like the wheel clamping operators The notice relates to a crossing made on 13th August 2015. However, the system is so overloaded you may escape it as you have subsequently paid for both trips. No wonder people slag the government off. Your email address will not be published. Why don’t you d###s in charge of the crossing contact people within 7 days rather than waiting 9 months , oh wait I know why so you can squeeze as much money out of motorists as you can I hope you feel proud p####s . IT IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE THAT WE ARE STILL ASKED TO PAY TO CROSS SOMETHING WE HAVE PAID FOR MORE THAN THREE TIMES OVER!!! will help us to improve it. but hadn’t used the crossing. However, this could be longer during peak hours or periods of congestion. I think the signage is poor if you are not a regular user how would you even know about the charge at least you know where you stand with a toll booth. Signage worse than useless, staff need some training and there is very little information on the Directgov site is appaling, I live in Germany and yesterday received penalty notification in German from some Contact Dart Charge online if you need any help using the service. We would certainly agree. You get charged for crossing South bound, do you also now get charged for crossing North bound. Except I did not get a “first letter” neither did a lot of people. I have phoned on numerous occasions but the link numbers go dead. I came around the M25 clockwise heading for romford. the deadline is tonight. Sorry to hear about your problems and be sure to join the 1000s who’ve made their thoughts known on the poll above. Dart charge seem to have a problem admitting that their system is open to this type of error. Always traffic! I cannot see anywhere on the dart charge website that states that this is the case so would like to appeal. 4. What would the situation be if she had used the Dartford crossing hundreds of times during this period instead of 12! travelled south on 25th April 2016 and returned North two days later. Thanks for your help. Ignore them completely and any threatening letters. Came over as a tourist from Australia, had no idea I had to pay for crossing the bridge/tunnel, got back home and rental car company billed me 35 pounds for each day I used it, so twice used means 70 pounds. WHEN PAYING IN ADVANCE HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR CHARGE? Now I am being told that I need to pay for the charge again ridiculous they can see this is clearly a mistake what a way to generate extra revenue. No booth means free crossing, everywhere in Europe. So now hit with a massive charge for a simple HUMAN error. You may not have to pay the charge if you don’t pay vehicle tax because you’re disabled. I mean what’s the £70 actually paying for.what has my £2.63 late payment actually’s a joke !! These people automatically criminalised so many foreign tourists, then the local newspapers pathetically crowed about foreign drivers ‘getting away with it’ in a typical little England way. Just hoping that that’s the end of it. Because I borrowed the car from a relative, they sent correspondence to their address in the UK, even though they live the majority of the time in Spain. you might do; credits are valid for a year.’ ??!! There has been a procedural impropriety by the charging authority As you probably know, 8 out of 10 appeals to the adjudicator succeed. The telephone service is no better. I have just paid to cross on way to and from Airport. Textphone: 18001 0300 300 0120 Hotels near Stephen Oliver: Studio & Gallery, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Dartford, See all 1 Dartford Crossing tours on Tripadvisor, View all hotels near Dartford Crossing on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Dartford Crossing on Tripadvisor, View all attractions near Dartford Crossing on Tripadvisor. account) and the convenience of a river crossing here as part of the motorway network can hardly be overstated. I am now in full stress mode, because I suddenly have a bill for £350, or because I am overseas in Germany, €700. I sent a letter to the Leeds office which reads as follows but also has a screenshot of my account with over £16 credit. Second time all went smooth transactions went through and that was it,my bank logo transaction was being verified as you can see on the computer screen then it said it was paid . All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, St John's Offices, Albion Street, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS2 8LQ, Registered in England and Wales, No 08703645, Some crossings may take up to 48 hours to appear on your account, If you have an automatic payment method, it will be triggered overnight after your account reaches the low balance condition. PLEASE ADVISE – do these responses ever get reviewed at TOP LEVEL and if so by WHOM and WHEN? Travel safety tips: How to save more money when travelling. And we keep on bending over and taking it all day long. I will appeal though. Today I thought I would put the registration number into the website as if I was going to pay it and lo and behold what did it say?! Total cost for the whole farago – £145. I have the accepted receipt and my ferry booking for the dates I crossed at Dartford. As someone who does not live in the area, as someone who was unaware that toll charge booths were removed, as someone who thought Bank Holidays were free….I am most distressed by the Dart Crossing Charges process. It is not mentioned on their GovUK webpage where they detail the penalty charges, only the £70/35 rising to £105 is mentioned. I have appealed with the evidence and my receipt which I thankfully kept. I picked up a hire car before Christmas, then got on to the Dart Charge site and paid for two crossings. Other compelling reasons. This is arrant rubbish. It’s a complete scam, we genuinely didnt know, it was a first time, didnt understand the signs at all. I used it and did not know anything about it till too late. When I got the first letter or penalty charge I went straight on the website and followed the steps to pay online. Thank you for your input. Did they explain why it happenned? The system appears to be overwhelmed to be honest, so the account may be the safest option. Receiving these penalties this long after the event is a joke! Create a Pay-as-you-go account here. Quote your charge notice number and explain why you believe the penalty to be wrong. I do not however owe the subsequent fines. Also I don’t drive regularly, I cycle to work and my car is a town run around, once a month I take it over to Grays to see my best friend. Is there anyway we can send this by email as we do not want to have the inconvenience of printing my receipt, filling out the back of the form, putting it in the envelope provided & to add insult to injury paying for the stamp & having to make a journey to the nearest post box to send it off. A bit gutted that I may be charged £35 x 2, as I went to Lakeside to pick up an item rather than wait for a free delivery, turns out to be expensive. This was many weeks after the supposed offenses had occurred. Just had a rather frustrating conversation and now e-mail correspondence with dart customer service. And, last but not least, how can I avoid the Dartford-Thurrock Crossing in my next trip to the UK? I didn’t know this and had to pay £75. Like a lot of things here, it is only simple if you know how it works. two weeks before the crosing. Stick with it and you should succeed. They would have had no access to internet thanks to out of this world roaming charges on their mobiles. We paid this at once. Customer Service. Hi again. Hi Vince. Oh dear I do despair when faced with beurocracy!! My questions are: 1) Does this mean that somehow 2.50 from the 5.00 I paid in August got carried over to pay for this crossing in October? It is outrageous that the public is ‘expected to know’ the new arrangements. There is no signage that even comes close to suggesting there’s a fee…. They must be making a bomb. We pay road tolls all across Europe without complaint. I stupidly didn’t keep the original letter. There is an assumption in all of this that foreign travellers wish to avoid payment. This is not due to more motorists attempting to avoid payment, but an abject failure of the system to ensure occasional users and foreign visitors know how to pay. Today I received a penalty notice for £70 for failing to pay in time. It seems amazing that it would have been signed off. I went through dartford tunnel and the traffi. I can only agree with all of your comments. 1) Go to Kent Point or Essex Point. Made 2 crossings in Jan, car was on my sisters account. I called and explained I had paid just to be told that the payment is gone into a future crossing fund and I still had to pay. Seems a bit weird to pay to a back account in Germany, doesn’t it? Pre paid accounts require money up front and is not returnable if not used. Any help would be appreciated. You didn’t take the payments out of my account which is your mistake in February, i sold the vehicle in march so obviously deleted it off from my account. Hi, I went across back in December having paid. 1) Signage is appalling. No need to take that shopping back for a refund, after all…, Judging by the majority of comments and ‘feedback’ related to the new Dart Charge toll/tax system: I find it disgraceful the public whom the system was designed for and whom seem to be penalised by an ill thought out system and whom also provide pages of good ‘feedback’ – data – which explicitly presents key opportunities for improving the service….

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