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The cake included in excess of 700 eggs and 30 lbs of jam! The traditional version is only filled in the middle, however more modern versions have taken to decorating the top in addition (something we’re certainly guilty of, with our super jazzed up version of The Victoria Sponge Cake). Learn how your comment data is processed. The Victorians made tea drinking very much their own and it soon became an essential part of socialising. The sponge cake has also been credited with inspiring global creations, many of which still exclude the fat. Fresh berries too have often been added in more modern versions, in addition to the jam. First Bite) I trust her article. Originally the Victoria sponge was thought to have started in the nursery, as early Victorian afternoon tea consisted of seed and fruit cake. We’ll go on a journey through Victoria sandwich land, ending with a modern day variety. The cake's name should really be The Royal Victoria Sponge, as its name harks back to Queen Victoria herself, who was said to enjoy a slice of the delicious cake with her traditional English afternoon tea. You can choose packs of either 4, 8, 16, 40, 80, 120 baby sponges, and choose from a whole selection of different flavours too. You should cook the jam mixture until it is slightly thick and will not pour down when cooled. However, the cakes without the additional baking powder were much thinner and not as ‘sponge’ like in consistency, making them more like a biscuit. The classic Victoria sponge appearance, has a delicate dusting of icing sugar and is flawlessly uncomplicated. These are condensed milk, cream and evaporated milk. It is widely thought that this sponge cake sandwiched together with raspberry jam and dusted on the top with caster sugar was the Queen’s favourite. This is where recipes and opinions start to divert. A British classic: two layers of cake with a layer of jam (some include cream) in the middle. For safety reasons, it was believed that children should not eat a cake containing pieces of fruit or seeds. Herein lies a debate- to use self-rising flour, where baking powder is inbuilt, or plain flour and then add the baking powder? -Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with a pot of fresh English tea! Some claim that the addition of baking powder is what makes the cake so delicious. -Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for approximately 20 minutes, until the cake appears golden brown We boast our gluten free Victoria sponge does not compromise on flavour, and is the same or even better perhaps than our regular recipe. 30 minutes. Originally, the Victoria Sponge may have started in the nursery. These were reduced to the four we are familiar with today when the cakes began to be mass produced in the years before the Second World War. Allow us to explore with you the history of The Victoria Sponge…. Whilst we now have the addition of the miraculous baking powder, making a delicious Victoria Sponge however is still a real talent. Otherwise, you can store this jam in the fridge in a close of jar for several days/week. It’s hard to find  the ‘original’, if there is even a need to do so. Learn more about Queen Victoria on the website. -Cream the caster sugar, vanilla essence and softened unsalted butter until light and fluffy This is not the only place where the baking of The Victoria Sponge has got competitive and it is a common occurrence at church fetes, as well as a challenge on the hugely popular television programme, ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ When it comes to ingredients, whilst the classic Victoria Sponge may seem like a simple cake, the ingredients are often debated by those aiming to create the perfect consistency, crumb and flavour. The Victoria Sponge is a cake, created using a mix of sugar, butter, eggs and flour, sometimes with the addition of baking powder. However, since they both won't be flat at the top, it's hard to stack them. It takes about 1-1,5 hours to cook the jam. The finished cake is hugely sensitive when it comes to oven temperature, so much so that some oven manufacturers actually use the cooking of a Victoria Sponge to test their oven's consistency. Prior to this, cakes were made using equal measures of sugar, butter, flour and the addition of eggs to leaven sponge. | 7 Minerva Rd | NW10 6HJ | London | UK | 0208 068 0413, Cake Delivery London - Latest Covid-19 Restrictions Update, Collaborations, Sponsored, and Gifted Cakes, How the Pandemic has Changed Our Bakery Business, James Bond themed Cake at Home House London. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Try your hand at the Queen of Cakes Mary Berry's own recipe for a sweet treat with no risk of a soggy bottom. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Fill the pan with cake batter, keep in mind that the cake will rise considerably during baking and almost double in height. At Osborne House, this suited Queen Victoria’s indulgence in creating a domestic idyll. The cake of this recipe is inspired by Mary Barry's cookbook the Baking Bible. Queen Victoria reigned over the UK in the 19th century, from 1837 until her death in 1901. In other words, it’s what made it unique at the time. The largest Victoria Sponge Cake was Guinness World Record breaking and made in Oxford, weighing in at an impressive 50 stone. Battenburg Cake is said to have been created in 1884 to celebrate the marriage of one of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters to Prince Louis of Battenberg, but there is no known evidence to support this theory. Another questionable addition is that of vanilla extract, which is often added in varying amounts to provide the gentle vanilla flavour to the sponge, although not always added by all.Once you’ve finished debating the choice of ingredients, there is then the issue of the method. The flavour of jam has moved over time, with some opting for strawberry rather than raspberry. The cinnamon & clove will slowly give off their flavour, once you find the flavour strong enough, take them from the jam. Another optional ingredient is corn flour, giving the cake a lighter texture. -3 eggs The cake isn't as delicate as you might expect so it's somewhat harder to overmix than most other cake batters. For the sponge cake you can simply add ingredients into a bowl and use an electric mixer to mix hem all together. Also if only jam is inside the sponge then the cake is called a 'jam sponge'. Our Victoria Sponge Cake is a beautifully delicious simple sponge that everyone will love! Take care to use softened butter so it mixes well through. For example, the addition of cocoa powder has been used to create delicious chocolate sponges. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is some disagreement though as to whether a Victorian sandwich also contains sweetened whipped cream. The British Women’s Institute is of the opinion that a Victoria sandwich is not made with baking powder. One such debatable filling is the choice of butter cream or whipped cream, with some opting for freshly whipped cream, and others choosing a vanilla buttercream instead. Originally, the Victoria Sponge may have started in the nursery. The perfect Victoria sponge was a surprisingly tricky technical challenge on the show. Of which were only invented in the first half of the 19thcentury! Arguably the most traditional method is to cream the butter and the sugar, before adding the eggs one by one (sometimes with a little of the flour), before folding in the dry ingredients. Or why not add a comforting hot drink, such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate, all great additions to accompany a Victoria sponge for a celebratory event! It is widely thought that this sponge cake sandwiched together with raspberry jam and dusted on the top with caster sugar was the Queen’s favourite.

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