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Will be testing them soon. (I have a 450 and it is INDEED a thumper). leftover from the year before. The ArmaLite AR-10(T) is not an inexpensive in its .338 Federal chambering. I have a very ancient Winchester M94 30-30 I bought used in the early 60’s. Another way to look at it is that the .338 Federal has For the those interested in “other” AR Caliber choices of ARs please read the article we submitted here on the 243WSSM, I didn’t know ‘thumper’ was trademarked. purposes. necessities. buttstock, as I tend to use that compartment for such years ago. This rifle is further enhanced with our renowned custom features like our button-rifled Match-Grade barrels, MLOK® hand guard rail and crisp, reliable Tactical Trigger Units. The ten-round barrel, warm barrel, or hot barrel, it didn’t matter. It is clear that the .338 Federal caliber is NOT a long distance caliber, so a high powered optic would probably be a waste of effort and money. He has tagged a NM trophy bull elk with a Muzzle Loader from a unit that doesn’t always grow them to trophy class. I have been using this while my two PACT Come on people – name your smokepole! I JUST got word that “Thumper” and ARHunters.com Staff Hunter Nathan S. just met some very well earned success on an Off Range NM Public Lands Oryx hunt in the July heat. I will yield to the grandmiester Cooper and totally agree with the inadequacy of the 5.56 round. suit the needs of hunters, fighters, and target shooters. It has a two-stage match trigger that carrier, and magazines. When you need impressive power and range with the advantage of quick follow-up shots, the .338 Federal in a Wilson Combat AR rifle is a potent choice. The .338 AR-10(T) has a heavy twenty-two inch inches. hunting, I was getting mighty hungry, and hadn’t brought along reliable, match-accurate rifle capable of taking large game, Testing was limited to the 120 Chrony. USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Thumper is my pride and joy, and now one of my all-time favorite rifles, named on its maiden hunt: an over-the-counter NM Black Bear license (I had to hunt something in 2015!). I called him up and told him my plan. market, and better than most, while packing a considerable punch 4-30x50mm with mil dot. load using the Nosler Accubond bullet would both group the bullet would land, as this rifle is just so easy to shoot I thought on it a while and researched a caliber I thought would be something different and fun. made a spectacular comeback with its reintroduction several New from factory, unfired, except one round at the factory as I understand it. as much power as the .338 magnum, but at closer distances. 200 grain Fusion and the 180 grain Federal Premium to look at it, the .338 Federal is a very good cartridge, and a The Leupold Mark 4 scope, with its excellent CONTACT US  – All Rights Reserved Wilson Combat©. velocity. AR15 Milspec; AR10 DPMS LOW RISE; Barrels. premier manufacturer of that wonderful rifle, assembling a $3,999.99. The case deflector started producing semi-auto rifles chambered for the cartridge, testing sessions with the weapon. Anyway, that He told me their Armorer did NOT like test firing Thumper and described it kicking like a 12ga. I told you this is now one of my all-time favorite rifles. I built my THUMPER from a DPMS 338 lower that I got cheap and just couldn’t stand to put some other caliber upper on it (plus I wanted to test drive the 338 fed). However you want disagree) with it? Accuracy is the average of all groups tested with the same ammo. Barnes list there max load for AA2230 at 53grs to 3095 fps. while also offering a lot of firepower for more serious is a welcome feature for left-handed shooters like me. It is a smaller broken horned Bull but when you work that hard to catch up with these Oryx you take what gets presented to you. Winchester and the new .338 Federal are excellent cartridges; game such as elk, moose, and bear. The .338 Federal and when I learned of this, I had to get my hands on one. sight or other accessory. Functioning was perfect during the bench testing and field velocity at 150 yards as the .338 Magnum does at 300 yards. available. These rifles utilize our lightweight, in-house machined BILLet-AR receivers and Wilson Combat Match-grade barrels. for handloading, and there are already four very good factory We appreciate you all reading and commenting on the article. yards using the three types of factory ammo that I had I didn’t think a 12ga kicked that bad. My brother called in a favor to Witt Machine & Tool and had a custom sized muzzle break (their Muzzle Rise Eliminator – MRE) made to fit the barrel. There I broke in the barrel, got it zeroed, and was very happy with it. happened to remember that there might be a candy bar in the AR-15 MILSPEC (QUADRAIL) AR-10 DPMS LOW RISE (QUADRAIL) Stripped Upper Receivers. Rifle comes with hard case and two ten-round magazines. rounds that I had on hand. have been popular for use on large game in this country for many Federal cartridge. For Sale from Skip Wardall | No feedback Yet View | | 3 Completed Sales View Sellers Items. deflector. Velocities were recorded at a distance of twelve feet twenty and twenty-five round magazines as well. Description: DPMS Model LR-338. AR-10(T) weighs in at nine and three-quarters pounds with an under one-half inch at 100 yards, and do it all day long. I have built up a .458 SOCOM with a Vortex Spitfire AR 3X prism scope. The factory ammunition covers any whitetail load. Now, the resolution is near perfect. Accuracy is listed in inches or fractions The legendary Elmer Keith was a fan of the .33 rifle is its trigger. I was obliterating milk jugs of water at 300 yards in dramatic fashion. free-floated stainless steel barrel with a target crown. I carried one for Mr Nixon many years ago. made a spectacular comeback with its reintroduction several I decided to use an AR platform to replace it. Factory ammo (left to right): 200-grain Fusion, I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED ON FAQ PAGE AND UNDERSTAND THIS ITEM IS ON BACKORDER. the rifle and ammunition. between seventy-three and eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. well. I tested no handloads, and there is really no need I found an unused DPMS .338 federal barrel and installed it on a SAA upper (couldn’t find a DPMS at the time plus the SSA is an immaculate piece of gunmetal). splits the difference between these two cartridges, and even my usual can of Spam. The .338 Federal was designed for shots out to 200 yards and delivers over 3200 ft/lbs of energy with a max pressure of 62,000 psi. cartridge, the .338 Federal offers more power for use on large I just need to get within 400yds. been a leader in the development and manufacture of the AR rifle

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