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[28][33] As of 2006 four companies—Smithfield, Tyson Foods, Swift & Company, and Cargill—were responsible for the production of 70 percent of pork in the United States. "[58] In 2018 it announced an "animal waste-to-energy" plan; the company said it would spend $125 million over ten years, along with Dominion Energy, to cover the lagoons in North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia with "high-density plastic and digesters" to capture the methane gas and direct it into a local pipeline. [42], In 2016, Smithfield purchased the Californian pork processor Clougherty Packing PLC for $145 million, along with its Farmer John and Saag's Specialty Meats brands. [146], In February 2020, Smithfield Foods and Basha's Family of Stores announced that they would shortly donate 40,000 pounds of meat to St. Mary's Food Bank in Arizona. [88] Smithfield, Duke, and OptimaBio have also partnered to harvest renewable natural gas from wastewater at Smithfield's plant in Bladen County, North Carolina. One of two scenarios is going to come to fruition. Shuanghui International is a pork processing company located in the Peoples Republic of China. [130] On April 12 the company announced the indefinite closure of the plant, which processes 4 to 5 percent of the pork products in the United States. [23], In 2009, Smithfield moved to cut costs and reduced its workforce by 1,800 jobs and closed six plants. The local union that represented the plant's workers questioned Smithfield's explanation. Smithfield Foods is a U.S.-based global packaged goods and protein company committed to producing “Good food. Available in a wide variety of flavors and packages including low sodium and less fat. Smithfield also has other gas projects located in North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. [23], In 2004, Smithfield purchased two British firms. [145], In early 2020, Smithfield donated 40,000 pounds of pork to the Utah Food Bank. In 2007 Smithfield countered by filing a federal RICO Act lawsuit against the union. [122]:44–45 Similar criticism was made by other groups about Smithfield facilities in Poland and Romania. Financing for the new company came from Peter Pruden of Suffolk and John S. Martin of Richmond. [30], In early 2019, Smithfield re-branded its food service business, Smithfield Farmland, as "Smithfield Culinary." [2] The company was fined $12.6 million in 1997 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 6,900 violations of the Clean Water Act after discharging illegal levels of slaughterhouse waste into the Pagan River in Virginia. Discover more by clicking on the trusted brands below. These efforts saved tens of millions of dollars per year. According to Reuters, the group included Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic and United Therapeutics.[153]. [37] According to Lynn Waltz, the Chinese ate 85.3 pounds of pork per person in 2012, compared to 59.3 in the US. Smithfield. [3] Its 973,000-square-foot meat-processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina, was said in 2000 to be the world's largest, processing 32,000 pigs a day. [70] In January 2017 the company said that 87 percent of sows on company-owned farms were no longer in crates, and that it would require its contract farms to phase out crates by 2022. Sarah Zhang, "'Big Pork' Wants to Get In on Organ Transplants", The Atlantic, May 1, 2017. [63] When they give birth, they are moved to a farrowing crate for three weeks, then artificially inseminated again and moved back to a gestation crate. 2006 Longtime company executive C. Larry Pope becomes president and CEO. In animals, where its use is banned for human consumption, the drug acts as a stimulant and fat-burner. Smithfield also acquired MF Cattle Feeding the same year and formed a joint-venture with ContiBeef. (2009). Nowhere on the corporate website is a full list of the company’s brands and subsidiaries. [72][73] It uses two forms of group housing: in one system, 30–40 sows are kept in a pen with access to individual gestation crates; in the other system, five or six sows are housed together in a pen. [41][42] Ken Sullivan said in 2017 that he saw the company's future as a "consumer-packaged goods business". [78], The earliest confirmed case of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) during the 2009 flu pandemic was in a five-year-old boy in La Gloria, Mexico, near several facilities operated by Granjas Carroll de Mexico, a Smithfield Foods subsidiary that processes 1.2 million pigs a year and employs 907 people. [23], In 1987, Smithfield began setting up a large system of farms in Virginia and North Carolina. In July 1969 he sold Smithfield to Liberty Equities for $20 million; they asked him to stay on, but in January 1970 they fired him. [15] Killing 114,300 pigs a day, it was the top pig-slaughter operation in the United States in 2007; along with three other companies, it also slaughtered 56 percent of the cattle processed there until it sold its beef group in 2008. There was a similar decline, by 56 percent between 1996 and 2008, in Poland. Smithfield acquired the Armour and Eckrich brands from Conagra Foods in 2007 and, in the same year, purchased Sara Lee’s European packaged meats business through a joint venture. "[8] According to agricultural researchers Jill Hobbs and Linda Young, writing in 2001, the acquisitions constituted a "major structural change" in the hog industry in the United States, leaving Smithfield in control of 10–15 percent of the country's hog production. Curly’s by Smithfield BBQ choices and selection of other fine meats are full-flavored, consistent and of the highest quality, and they offer variety and versatility to fit any size operation. [8], Then known as Shuanghui Group, WH Group purchased Smithfield Foods in 2013 for $4.72 billion. A state law capping punitive damages lowered that amount to $94 million. There, we found what appeared to be a complete list of Smithfield subsidiaries. [22], As of late 2018, Smithfield owned about 500 farms and contracted with about 2,000 independent farmers to raise its hogs. Only farmers able to handle thousands of pigs were contracted, which meant that smaller farms went out of business. And if past Chinese offers are any indication, there is little legitimate chance of Smithfield Foods acquisition by China being approved. By comparison, Shuanghui slaughters 15 million pigs per year with an annual revenue of $6.2 billion. Financing for the new company came from Peter Pruden of Suffolk and John S. Martin of Richmond. [27], In 2008, Smithfield sold Groupe Smithfield, its main European subsidiary, to Spain's Campofrio Alimentacion. The men were working for the meatpacker P. D. Gwaltney, Jr. & Co. when they set up the company; Joseph W. Luter Sr. was a salesman and Joseph W. Luter Jr. the general manager. Responsibly.®" is core to our mission, social, purpose, and vision. 43 Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. We all heard the brief media sound bites last week announcing the sale of America’s largest meat producer, Smithfield Foods, to a Chinese corporation. [23], In 2001, Smithfield purchased Moyer Packing and Packerland Holdings and combined them to form the Smithfield Beef Group. [24] At that point his stock was valued at $21.1 million and Joseph W. Luter III's at $30 million. [85] Smithfield's ramp up of exports to China has occurred in the face of headwinds in the form of 62% tariffs designed to protect China's hog farmers, who largely have small operations. [25][31] Smithfield sold its 49 percent share in Butterball in 2008 for an estimated $175 million. At the time, it was the fifth largest beef producer in the United States. [109] Smithfield said in 2005 that it would administer antibiotics only to animals who were sick themselves, or who were in close proximity to sick animals; however, in CAFOs all pigs are in close proximity to each other.

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