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Fixed a bug in BinkWaitStopAsyncThread on the new platform. All new threading model - instead of one thread per open Bink, there Fixed some seeking and scrubbing issues in the Unity and UE4 plugins. device. Made BinkOpenXAudio2 a little less error prone when you update. Much faster (up to twice as fast) 16-bit RGB blitting on MMX Bink 1 is now compiled with Neon on Android (as Bink 2 has been for several years). way behind in playback and keep struggling to catch up. You can now use multiple BinkTexture platforms in one application (like D3D9 and GL, for example). Made the PS2 back buffer example DMA uploading code a little cleaner and more general purpose. to UTF16. If this is okay, click. Fixed a display bug in file information window where large file sizes Unreal Engine 4, UDK, Blender, Unity 3D, GIMP, Adobe Flash, WordPress, HostGator, GoDaddy, Miscellaneous Tutorials, games and downloads! Fixed a bug where the Bink player would wait the first frame's time Use new threading primitives on Windows, Xenon, Xbox One and Windows RT. Switched the latest GCC and to the GCC linker on PSP. to fix a problem where playback could stop one frame early. Switched a bunch of temporary buffers to the stack with alloca on Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 and SPU. Added much faster blitter support for non-aligned destination memory Compiled EXE Bink and Smacker files can now be used by most of the Fixed a crash in the Bink compressor when compressing a file with an alpha channel to very low data rates. Buffer more sound data on MacOS - should give smoother playback. Fixed by renaming function to BinkPluginOpenUTF16, sigh. Added Windows Universal support for both UE4 and Unity. Added PNG and TGA alpha plane exporting to the RAD Video Tools. Added UE4 4.25 support for all platforms. The example now uses a simple platforms. Added pre-written SPURS task and RAW support libraries for the PS3 SPU asynchronous decompressor. List files now store complete pathnames internally, so you can copy All Bink example files have been rewritten - much cleaner and easier Worked around a bug in QueryPerformance Counter on the Xbox 360. of making multiple audio stem files, you can directly compress multi-channel files right into Bink files. Import the .bink video into the Content Browser. On the PS3, fixed a bug in the GCM example code where the SPU decompression would fail on movies that had a non-divisible-by-32 width. Fixed a rare clicking bug with stereo audio tracks. Switched to the new RAD make tool - very cool. Fixed a crash on Android when a file doesn't exist in the asset manager. can't open (like DV formatted AVIs). - Are both engines similar in use? x64, and ARM DLLs. Updated the DX9 Exam3DpsThr.cpp example to show how to handle a device reset (and added two Fixed a bug in the Smacker player for DOS when playing new Smacker Fixed a nasty overwrite bug in 2.3a, everyone should update and recompress! Added PSP2 (Playstation VITA) support for Bink 2 - play 60 Hz videos at native 960x544 resolution! This could crash on a dcbst instruction depending on how your texture memory was mapped. On the PS3, dynamically allocate TLS variables so that the Bink library can be used in a PRX. Faster still if you compress Added the Bink SDK manual and cleaned up a few problems in the SDK. all these optimizations performed using Telemetry. Renamed a few of the fft math routines to avoid conflicting with other middleware. and video decoders into separate values. Stereo tracks worked fine. Fixed a silly bug in the PS3 example code where the example would crash if it couldn't find the Bink SPU elf. The tool command lines are all the same, but they are embedded within radvideo64.exe. Posts about bink written by Satheesh (ryanjon2040) First video shows Ammo count and maximum ammo amount showing on the weapon model (This can be used to create something similar to Doom 3 Weapon Ammo Display) using Scaleform.Second video is a very simple technique that shows In-Game video and External Video being played in weapon model (Using BINK). compressing an alpha plane. Built with final version of Xbox 360 system software. Fixed a bug on MacOS, where the initial file offset when using BINKFILEOFFSET wasn't queried correctly. On Nintendo 3DS, fixed a thread handle leak. Added separate `Advanced play` windows for Bink and Smacker.

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