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Hei-Ran, Atuat and Jinpa departed when the firebending master felt unwell, leaving the youths alone. Last appearance Kyoshi tried to drag Yun down with earthbending, but he easily escaped from the ground, and managed to shatter a great mass of stone tiles with a flick of his shoulders when Wong brought the flooring down upon him. To both endear the group to Mok and show Kyoshi what it was like to watch a dear friend intentionally put themselves in peril, Rangi chose to compete in a lei tai, an underground fight that could result in the loser's death. However, his admiration of Rangi soon turned to displeasure when she inquired the identity of the prisoner and if he had any intelligence on the mansion, exposing him as poor tactician. Fire Lord Zoryu also invited Kyoshi to the celebration. She barely managed to keep her anger at both the pirate and her mother under control. Unknown, eventually Jeong Jeong (as the Avatar's firebending master) The result was a close friendship that grew even closer, and blossomed into a beautiful romance. Enraged, Rangi punched Koulin across the jaw, truly beginning the fight between the two clans. [21] Once they made it as far as Ba Sing Se, Kyoshi confessed about Jianzhu's pursuit of her and her identity as the Avatar. Rangi laughed, claiming that Kyoshi was embarassing her. Though Rangi is waiting on Kyoshi when she arrives, she is out of breath from her sprint there. Rangi, along with several others of Yun's party, was dragged into the ice by Tagaka's waterbending followers. Noting a commotion outside the tent, Rangi pointed out the presence of Lady Huazo, curious about why she had come to such a city. The Avatar told her that she would get a lot worse before she got better, but by then, Atuat and Hei-Ran would be there with her. Initially, the Flying Opera Company, save Lao Ge, did not believe, despite Rangi supporting her claim. Mostly angst so be warned! When Zoryu raised that he would have gladly accepted being sent away to the Fire Sages if he could live in peace, Rangi asked how he could make himself look weak. Dismayed, Rangi urged Kyoshi to use her own bending to catch the jar, but the latter replied that she could not do so. [9], After more than a year of her mother recovering from the poisoning, Rangi and Hei-Ran traveled to the Fire Nation Capital for the Festival of Szeto, joined by Hei-Ran's personal healer Atuat. Eye color but she becomes attached to a certain soldier. Avatar's Best Running Gag Spans Two Series. While testing her physical endurance by stepping on Kyoshi's bent knee, Rangi explained that she did not want her girlfriend to be trained in waterbending before completing her airbending training out of fear it would damage the Avatar Cycle. In 296 BG, Rangi witnessed Kyoshi being held up and harassed by local youngsters on the grounds of the mansion and promptly intervened. Rangi nearly scorched several bystanders in flame as she used her bending to propel her steps toward the palace, bursting into Hei-Ran's room. Somewhat arrogant and instilled with a military mindset, she regarded most people as "scum" that did not even "warrant the effort" of being yelled at. At the start of The Rise of Kyoshi, Rangi and Kyoshi were already friends, but their relationship was far different than what it would become. Chronological information [8], The battle had concluded to their advantage, but back at Yokoya Port, it gave rise to heavy discussions about Kyoshi's identity as the true Avatar. Yee Delves Into Shadow of Kyoshi Spoilers, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Rangi?oldid=2832634. Three minutes in, Kyoshi confessed her mother's backstory about how she abandoned her spirituality for her lowlife father. Bleach: How Did Ulquiorra Survive Hollow Ichigo's Cero Blast? She was not shy to resort to violence to get her way, and she took combat with earnestness, being able to remain impassive and centered during a fight in order to carefully calculate her movements. The firebender could be quite drastic and extreme at times to prove others a point, even putting herself in danger, such as when she faced a strong lei tai fighter to let Kyoshi know how helpless she felt whenever the Avatar threw herself into danger. (Promise a happy ending though). After Kyoshi communes with Kuruk, she makes her way back to the Fire Nation. Rangi paced back and forth, refusing to calm down when Hei-Ran disciplined her. [25] Rangi's mother apologized for the pain she had caused Kyoshi while trying to find her, and informed her that it was Jianzhu who orchestrated the poisoning, which Rangi affirmed. I said: it’s been a minute since I got this ask because I don’t have time to write it as a whole fic (even if I want to), at least until I finish current events (which should be shorter than the dancer AU) so the plan is now a collection of one-shots on ao3! First appearance Rangi initially outmatched her opponent but was rendered semi-unconscious by a lucky blow to her face, cracking her lip. [14], Although Rangi was contemptuous of the daofei, they joined the outlaws nonetheless, and Rangi remained by Kyoshi's side even though she had to helplessly stand by as the latter began to corrupt herself by actively seeking revenge against Jianzhu for killing Yun and Kelsang. The queer relationship was one fans expected from the novel ever since the reveal that Kyoshi was bisexual in The Legend of Korra comics, but nobody could be quite so prepared for just how enjoyable the relationship would be. [22] Following the duel, the Company was once again attacked, this time by Jianzhu himself, who did succeed where his shirshu had failed, and Rangi was kidnapped. Bleach: How Szayelaporro Grantz Tried to Become Perfect, And Failed, Shadow of Kyoshi Has Avatar's BEST Couple, Avatar: The Day Of Black Sun Is The Series' Most Heartbreaking Episode, 'My Cabbages!' Yun's party (formerly)Sei'naka clanFlying Opera CompanyFire Army Rangi refused to accept that Yun was the same as he was after killing four people, which upset Kyoshi. Rangi was headstrong, aggressive, and had a fierce reputation. [6] Temperamentally imperious and used to the rigorous ways of the military, Rangi expressed this by yelling at and ordering Kyoshi around. This is a collection of quick one shots involving Kyoshi and Rangi, and their daughter Koko. As the couple reunited, Rangi told her girlfriend that her mother had been affected by Jianzhu's poison, which was deadly if remained untreated, and that she thus planned to take her mother to the Northern Water Tribe in order to find the best healers. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Kyoshi promised that she would never let Yun harm anybody, including Rangi and Hei-Ran. Kyoshi hugged her friend and managed to calm her down; intertwined, the firebender eventually fell asleep. Rangi was skeptical when Nyahitha began to claim that a curse had been placed on everyone who learned about Father Glowworm's existence. As it turns out, not everything is as it seems in the palace, and Rangi's determined to figure out why investigating the Earth Sage's schemes always leads her to a particular earthbender. When Koulin revealed that she was also present, Rangi faked joy, going to hug the teenager. [23] The Flying Opera Company launched a successful rescue mission on Kyoshi's orders, while the Avatar herself took on Jianzhu once and for all. F.C. This was inspired by some beautiful fanart. Subsequently, as the trio made their way back to town, Rangi playfully ran the back of her nails down Kyoshi's hand, nearly causing her girlfriend to trip and fall on her face. Rangi also came to adore Yun, and she grew close to him. [18], Their travels brought them to Chameleon Bay, where they decided to track down the Flying Opera Company, a daofei organization that had been founded by Kyoshi's parents. Pitch-black[6] [1], After leaving Mok's company, Rangi declined healing from Kirima and stormed off to sit by herself at the shore of a shallow lake, where she was found by Kyoshi. The two lovers pressed their foreheads together, and cried for their friend. Aoma, the bullies' ringleader, tried to convince her that they had good intentions, but Rangi would not hear of it. Don't get me wrong, I love Rangi, but between Lighning Generation and the skills to beat even kyoshi warriors - whose fighting style is inspired by Rangi's - it's not much of a contest. Firebending It was the first time the two shared such an intimate moment. She then attempted to suggest they change course and go to the Earth Kingdom sages to prove her identity as the Avatar, but Kyoshi argued that any sages they know of were already aligned with Jianzhu, or even if Hei-Ran would side with them over him. A month later, Rangi returned to Yokoya for Kyoshi's final confrontation with Yun. As a result, she traded her residence in the Fire Nation for Yokoya Port in the southwestern Earth Kingdom, where a mansion was built to accommodate Yun and his entourage. Ethnicity She was a particularly innovative bender, having invented the jet-stepping firebending technique that was used by the Flying Opera Company. The group watched a short musical performance, and Dairin explained that they had to mingle in the direction of the Fire Lord. Kyoshi just wants to know what Rangi's problem is. Rangi asked to be let go, and Kyoshi asked Rangi to forgive her. Rangi could prove a harsh taskmaster in drilling Kyoshi in firebending one moment, and tender and comforting the next. The romance provides much-needed relief from the tension and drama from the rest of the plot. [11] Other students avoided her because of Hei-Ran's reputation for killing numerous people in Agni Kai duels. This was an odd job at the time, however, because nobody knew the Avatar was Kyoshi. She became close friends with him and Kyoshi, who was his servant at that time. Light[6] Yun tunnelled down and made his way up to Rangi, stabbing her through the back with an earthen spike. There's absolutely nothing to be held against many of the romances from the original show, but by comparison, they are far simpler, befitting of a TV format that needed to budget the time it gave plotlines more stringently. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (59), Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rise of Kyoshi (11), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Katara and Suki stop bullying Azula she’s trying her best, Ursa: What do you have? She told Kyoshi that she meant nothing to her any more, and barged out of the room. [20] But just as Kyoshi hesitated to form a partnership, they were confronted by a trio of officers identifying themselves as enforcers of Governor Deng, which Rangi and Kyoshi silently identified as an ally of Jianzhu, forcing them to make a hasty escape. She told her that she had insulted the Fire Lord by declaring she would fix his problems, thus implying that Zoryu was weak; as well as attempting to use right of dismissal in the presence of the Fire Lord. Rangi felt deeply conflicted when learning about this; on one side, she greatly loved her mother, but on the other side, she disagreed with Hei-Ran's actions and came to distrust her. Image gallery (4) [14], When they all traveled to Hujiang, a daofei-controlled town, Rangi and the others were summoned by Mok, the leader of a large daofei group named the Autumn Bloom Society and the patron of the Flying Opera Company.

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