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When you are next, move forward and press X at the ! From the start, save if you wish. Now head down and to the right, then through the door. She'll trade you a Physical Ring and an Amulet for your Stardust. (The Blue Bird enemies, which you may encounter on the way, are worth a pretty sweet 1000 Exp.) The treasure chest contains a Burn Out. Investigate the grave stone if you wish. Head back and take the north path. In the left-hand room is 50G. Head to the elevator at the right and use the magic oil to activate it. Leave the town and head into the Undersea Cavern. You'll find a Save Point. Your best bet is to hit them all hard and fast, and Shana and Rose are very speedy characters with high magic power. The door to the left of the church is an Inn. Items: Warrior Dress, Total Vanishing, Recovery Ball. Stardust: 2. You will fight two more Knights of Sandora and a Knight Commander. Enter the bottom-left house (with a green door.) When Rose introduces herself, choose the first option if you want to risk pissing her off. (Hint: Check the fireplace in the basement!) Now prepare to meet the boss of the cave. Walk down from that chest until you cannot move, then press X for a Speed Down. Meru: "I still cannot die!" The problem with the speedy characters is that they have low defense and offense, and often low HP. He may divide again, so beware. After the scenes are over, head north. After a bit of a pathetic scene between Rose and Lavitz, wander around the fair. The first stop leads to a Talisman, which you should equip to Dart. Head past him and up the stairs. In the morning, go back to the bar and talk to Martel. At any rate, go to the Legislation Center and stand behind the Laptos. See the chest? Go back out and up the stairs. Not that difficult of a fight, really. The treasure chest to your left is empty. The Black Monster, or me, Dart? Items Won: Healing Potion (x4), Burn Out The treasure chest contains a Destone Amulet. You may want to pick up one or two Trans Light items also. Take the right-hand fork in the path (the left leads you to a place you'll spend MORE than enough time in. He's not too bad. If you have one left over, stick it on Shana, or leave her with the Knight Shield. Leave and hop into the little vortex again. Run out the door after the short scene and enjoy the incredible FMV. When you leave the cabin, the door to your left is the kitchen. Keep going to the right. Check the gray rectangle on the bookshelf, then climb down the new ladder. Make sure you equip Albert with the Bandit's Ring so he can keep up. The codes are random. It has 10 lives, and if you just wait, it will lose all ten of them. Head back to where you fought Feyrbrand and Greham. Boss: Lenus and Regole (Water) If Frahma curls up into a little lump, your Dragoon offense and defense will be severely reduced. Take the next door to the right and use the second switch to activate the cable car. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. You may pick whichever of the choices you wish--I prefer to say Kongol, Shana, or Haschel. In the next, you'll see a fruit of the Divine Tree. Enter the fortress to find a Spirit Potion, a Healing Potion, a Stardust, and a Sun Rhapsody. The path leading to the next area will be clear. In the first shop to your left, you will find Stardust in the barrel of colorful gems at the bottom of the screen. Hop across the stones for yet another empty chest? You will probably get caught at least once, and when you are put in the "jail", Kongol will rescue you. After you finish this battle, you're immediately flung into a boss battle with the Giganto Kongol. Jump into the sandfall to the south to get the Bandit's Shoes. Go back there and head "north" on the screen to get to the harbour. Examine the upper one for a Stardust. November 2018 Florian Videos 0. The Treasure Chest to your right contains another Attack Ball. Speak to Rose and Shana after the match with Lloyd (head toward the entrance to find them.) Go back to the Undersea Cavern. Go up the stairs to your left. I suggest you try them all, since all of the reactions are amusing. The second leads to a treasure chest containing Rose's Hair Band. There is a Stardust in the lamp by the entrance. You should have 30 Stardust by now. Remember the street vendor you bought the water bottle from before? Lenus has a lot of magic and she's very, very fast, which is why you're going to want fast characters with high magic defenses. I had Dart at Level 17, Albert at Level 16, Shana at Level 13. Boss: Syuveil (Wind) Part XIII: The Prison Island, Items: Physical Ring & Amulet [in exchange for Stardust] You shouldn't have any trouble. After a rather...unexpected event, you'll get a Total Vanishing. Bargain with him until he gives you the Water Bottle for free. Boss: Indora (Earth) Take Haschel to see Kongol. Items: Burn Out, Midnight Terror, Stunning Hammer, Poison Needle, Soul Eater, Smoke Ball, Armor of Yore, Panic Bell, Burning Wave, Gushing Magma, Magic Shield, Dancer's Ring. Now head up and into the door above you to find *gag* Meru. Items: Jade Stone, Blue Sea Stone, Golden Stone, Violet Stone Equip the Poison Guard to Dart. Walk to the left and go down the ladder. The first room after that has a Magic Ego Bell and a Recovery Point. Having gotten the Stardust, make sure your fighting skills are up to par, and battle with Master Tasman if you need to. Frahma has very strong physical and magical attacks. Don't hold back on his magic. This will save your party some damage. The far left path leads to a Dancing Ray. but you'll find a lot of Stardust in fireplaces. The first chest contains a Spark Net. You don't have to become a Dragoon in this battle, unless you want Shana/Rose's healing spells or Albert's Rose Storm defensive spell. When he transforms, use the Special command and go all-out. Unfortunately (in my opinion at least) you have to bring her along. Head across to the stable loft. Go there first. When Frahma summons Monsters, do everything you can to take them out fast. After you have damaged him enough, he will switch forms. 7) Dart, advancing will bring truth as well as ordeals. If you hit one, you'll have to fight it. You will be able to get the price down to 1,000G. A rewrite is also in the future but not right now. Since you can rest in the cave, you may wish to level up here. Take the left-hand elevator in the room where two guards are guarding an elevator. Wait and see which one uses magic. Kongol is in the training room below the Chamber of the Sun. Head out of Donau and back to Fletz via the Barrens. 8) Lavitz, I ask you, who is the most important person for you to protect? You can level up here. Fight the two guards. Go back to the large room to speak to the Mayor.

Montréal Slang Créole, Whatever It Takes Documentary Mcdavid Stream, Nyanko Days Age Rating, Chris Coons Daughter Age, Essay On The New Deal, Meteor Falls Map, Jokes Like Joe Mama And Yuri Tarded, Thesis Statement On Bill Of Rights,

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