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Facebook has been rather sucky lately. Same problem. Been happening for a few days now. When the menu opens, adjust your settings so the new posts are always shown at the top. Same here today for me too. Lost of our readers are continuously reporting that they encountered the issue of Facebook App not loading or working, even crashing on their iPhone or iPad. If clearing the cache files and data doesn’t work for you, you may try and reinstall the … Another bizarre issue which we came across was where the zoom of the screen in your PC’s browser affected the loading of the news feed. Facebook closes and goes black, skips, acting wired. @DavidJo18187087 My facebook timeline wont refresh. If this is the new way they’ve structured the newfeed, am going to just delete my account…what’s the point if I can’t keep in touch with my family/friends. These apps could be fighting for not only CPU power and RAM, but also bandwidth. Facebook Interference with prayer cannot be tolerated, @BigSwirze hey BB had to get rid of Facebook too many problems, Saturday November 7th 8pm @jackllukeman Facebook Live #LockdownSessions, Location search is not working at the moment. Won’t work on my fire tablet or my S8. What’s up? Saturday, May 5, 2018, 3:10 PM. If I go into a group, I can see things. Be the first to know the next time Facebook goes down. The problem with denial of service on the Internet is that it is impossible to prevent.”. Today, I get this message: This has been going on for two weeks with three separate accounts. Still getting white pages after login, anyone else? Not sure what is up. Only loading 1/2 way..loading just keeps trying…tried reload page but does nothing? Only loads like one or two posts and if I try and force it load more it just has that spinning wheel at the bottom, then the app will shut off. If I try to see my feed, I get that message. Anyone else getting this? Does anybody know how to disconnect Facebook and instagram my Granny been seeing my story , @RebeccaUgenyi On the same computers, my husband can log in but I am on 4th day of blank white page preceded by notice of login on different browser. In this solution, we will go through the methods on how to change your Newsfeed preferences. Facebook constantly freezes when I click on any picture. Note: You would have to re-enter your credentials in order to log into the application again. I can post as the page, but if I use the drop down in the comment area to change from the page to my own username, it just spins and never changes to my name to post a comment. Also does anyone know why since yesterday when I type a comment, it double types it – it posts the original and then it shows up as the same comment below it but with no option to “post”. It’s very frustrating. Come on mark get your thumb out of your ass already. These networks usually have limited access for applications such as Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. spinning! On an Android device, open the Settings app and tap on Apps. @ozo_chukwu Now I believe that Facebook is working with Nigerian government. How do I correct this problem? I get pop up error messages that say: “Arguments are invalid” and “We couldn’t post this. Is this another DDos attack???? How do you rate Facebook over the past 3 months? @lokcheung @Twitter @tweetbot To reinforce that this is not an issue specific to Geniuslink, try navigating to the footer of your website, and clicking your Patreon or Facebook social buttons - since these are attempting to open a new tab, they will not work when testing from Twitter or Tweetbot (4/5), @tegbridges Thank you! Stress, stress, stress on me and others too! Both on apps and every browser. The update sucks. Facebook provides loads of customization but they are usually unknown to the user. There are quite a few people who are facing the news feed problems, but one of the above solutions should work. Really not happy. Can go to other people’s pages. Finally, he dropped out of college in the final year. anyone having problems of logging out of mobile facebook??? @KenyaPower @KenyaPower_Care so...where do we check for scheduled power outages IN ADVANCE? No reply. It only stays on for about 5 seconds and then blacks out and phone goes back to home screens. Each attempt it appears as though it will open but nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. chirp chirp . My Facebook isn’t working, I try to sign in and it won’t let me. Complained re rude shop staff online. I live @ Central Coastal region in California. Polling places reporting long lines early but not much of a wait at midday. Wanted to check my items for sale… Very unhappy:(. All of my other groups work. Frustrating! This has been for nearly a week now. There is a lot of misinformation and voter suppression happening. No reply. What gives? Website loading for us, but not in some regions?

John Engler Net Worth, Old Daley Inn Steak Sauce, Tamiya To Vallejo Paint Conversion Chart, Most Behinds In An Afl Game, Sun And Moon Svg, Tva Lineman Salary, Jeep Grand Cherokee Ground Points, Ruth Brown Np Brunswick Ga, Camila Giorgi Racket,

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