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The mom was feeding them and I could see almost all of the birds in the nest. It’s up to the receiver to use their best judgment and intuition as to the contextual specifics while not allowing ego to get in the way, say, if you’re hoping for a certain answer. I have been looking for a sign, since then. One of my cats, Karma, caught it before I could intervene (I’ve become disabled about a year ago). God bless you. Or spiritual. It seems to reinforce your interpretation in my mind. I quickly adjusted my eyes and I saw it was him. Once you integrate this switch, it will have lifelong benefits. These people are efficient at managing material wealth and are well suited to careers such as money management and banking. Ronna Kehr. Greg! ©2002-2020 Outlook Amusements, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I read the innovation about what the blue jays messaged could be, but I was still curious as to what your own interpretations of this could have been?? Therefore the Blue Jay meaning focuses on the need to separate yourself and your assumptions so that you can find what is right for you. I am still in Awe! You may be focused on your goals and have your path all laid out, but another route may be more natural, or more beautiful. ? Came to see what they meant, and it fits. Both my husband and I are so heart broken over this. But we are all of the same stuff. Thank u and namaste. It did distract me and made me curious why it kept fluttering back and forth. It feels like I have killed a friend. They have been showing up at my place, my mom said they just started showing up at her place and thinks it is me that has brought them. Thank you so much. Show Menu. You have been offered a choice and are unsure as to whether or not it is a good fit for you. There’s just no way this was coincidence. In other words, you have overcome this response and have found a more healthy way. Think also of the 4 Earth elements and the 4 sacred directions, so balance comes to mind when 4’s cross your path. I’m not kidding it rained only on the gas station. I do not know you, but I believe you will find what you need just as I will. Any thoughts about that? 333 Jay totem people are intelligent and experienced problem-solvers. Also my dad was an atheist. They want to help you find the way out. The number 2 is about having faith and courage. I was going through a very spiritual time in my life and was deciding wether I wanted to be baptized. The hawk performed some “Tough Love”. Also this is a great opportunity to forgive yourself. Our data base contains over 800 random affirmations. My father who passed away, his birthday is 10/23 I happen to pick up my phone to seeb5he time and almost always it’s 10:23 or I’ve received text messages with that time also. Repeated 7’s are an extremely positive sign to expect accelerated manifestations in your life. Find more ways to bring this light to others. This has been a very sad Christmas, my heart was broken by a family member that I love deeply. Lanie, hi, be grateful to the bluejay and the bird nation, and yourself, for helping you release. Which tear and trench, Reducing his back Description; 45" Robert Kaufman Synchronicity Stripes. We both felt it was a sign! You’ve just shown me affirmation from god that I’m doing the right thing. Also, I had been driving for hours and it had never rained that day, nor did I experience any more rain that day. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When 111 appears, pay special mind to your thoughts as you are currently in a vibration to manifest—for better or for worse. How wonderful that he cares so much for you that he wants to let you know this. I stopped for a glass of water and looked out my window to find 11 blue Jays in my yard feeding. Shelby says: April 29, 2017 at 6:51 am I very much appreciated this post. Should we get back together? Spirit is acknowledging your work in creating a balanced life both in the physical and spiritual realms, and it asks you to continue taking actions towards your highest good so that you may align with your soul purpose. I see them in my yard, but today was the first time so many were together right in front of me. Dig deeper, cry more and more and more, ask yourself…what am i releasing? For the past two weeks two Blue Jays decided to visit my garden, it almost seemed like the same ones. We were looking and them and they was looking at us. Once you start experiencing synchronicities in your life revolving around 11, the doorway to the spiritual world has opened, and you have been given an invitation to begin walking through. i’m not really sure how to tell if the jay is my animal totem, but here’s something i’ve never really taken into consideration as possibly important before. This response is not right, and it is time to change it. Now it is time to create a new life–on your OWN. Love the Downs Family…. Thank you for sharing this:). i wonder what or if that means anything. intensify in vibratory meaning. I don’t look for these things but it has stuck out too me. Any other time of my life, this would never happen. Never ever experienced anything like it. Perhaps you are just thinking of someone and they call, or vice versa. But for those who have an inkling the numerical patterns occurring in your life might be something a bit more, read on to decipher what these “coincidences” might mean for you. I would interpret his appearance as synchronicity. We are both from different countries and have spent most of our relationship long distance. My cat passed away a week ago from cancer. Hawks aren’t subtle creatures like a butterfly. It gracefully transitioned back to terra firma to start over on solid ground. They were loud! If you don’t like what the Universe just saw, correct your thinking immediately. You are being tested. He sat there for a minute or so then flew up into the walnut tree in our front yard. And it’s gone the second he flew away. Ok I have a blue jay that has been attacking my truck. The message will be specific to you. To show his God I always see 318,or 3118 please explain what this mean? I was shooting some photos of the cliff when I noticed a blue jay that kept hopping from one stone to another, almost like he was trying to get my attention. I felt compelled to intervene and quickly saw that it was a third jay on the ground, feathers torn loose and close to death. My father passed away 10 days ago. This fun website offers you all kinds of affirmations for all kinds of purposes. Not good, not bad, just all-around change, and seeing synchronistic 5’s in your life means it’s coming on fast and usually in a big way. Your email address will not be published. A Whiskey Jack in your dream symbolizes the need for a change of direction. After you find the way out you will be that person who is there waiting to help someone else. :-))), I keep seeing 1237. I thought this must be symbolic of somthing.. Can you sheaf some light?? I keep seeing 312 and 803 with 1111 what does it mean?? note: The blue jay fell to the ground in my dream like a leaf falls slowly gently rocking. I have been feeling overwhelmed and afraid that I won’t succeed. A Blue Jay landed on top of my feeder a few minutes ago and tweeted a very low call that didn’t sound like something from an assertive Blue Jay, Then, to top it off, I noticed a tiny sweat bee that kept hovering around the drivers side mirror. . Can you help me?? How we come about the foundation in which we want to cocreate is the true result. 6, 66 and 666 actually carry the vibration of unconditional love, empathy, compassion, and so on. I’ve yet to search for the meaning, but it wouldn’t surprise me to be similar.. Soon after, I quickly learned that the electric feeling in my head wasn’t just my thoughts going wild, and I began watching shows and interviews of people who had gotten into accidents and needed metal platelets on their skulls, and how they would complain about feeling an electric current run over the plate. The Foundation to Creation is Language. I can recall seeing them throughout my life, but nothing really specific at the time. Someone ran her over did not stop!! Either it’s coming en masse, or you need to get off the couch and make something happen for yourself soon so that abundance, of any kind, can flow to you. There will be people in the future that will depend on you to show them the way out. They can also be a bit of a sensationalist by engaging in the latest and most dramatically scandalous gossip. This message gives you guidance to continue cultivating whatever you’ve been developing in your life and to not give up in the 11th hour. ©2002-2020 Outlook Amusements, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Similar to the Rat, this species embraces learning, new ideas, and concepts. If you’re seeing 777, somebody up there sure likes you. They also love to dabble in various activities, always testing out new things. One day in my back yard, there were 9 or more Blue Jays!! Mental growth aids spiritual growth. SRKD-18695-82 BLUE JAY. Im always seeing 234 and 1234 on clocks, addresses on a city bus thats driving by i mean i am seeing these two sets of numbers EVERYWHERE seriously tho can someone please reply and let me know whats the meaning of this, Ok my birthday is 11.11th sometime I feel like play 111 in lottery to see if am lucky wat u think I should do. In particular, get out there and start investigating and adapting to new situations. My little girl Chihuahua passed may8th18 we had her seance she was 6 weeks old she was 4 1/2 yr old she was my child did not look at her as a dog she was so smart sweet and protective against me n my husband we was mommy n daddy to her. This mental space helps clear the possibility of your ego translating messages incorrectly.

Columbus, Ga News Crime, Mile Mile And A Half Mistakes, Manufacturing Business Ideas Pdf, Dakgangjeong Vs Yangnyeom, Wst 313 Asu Reddit, Palmdale Crime News, Eleos Goddess Symbol, Best Gold Paydirt, Pokemon Red 3ds Cia, Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love 123movies,

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