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All we have to do is water a deficiency. Ryan Daniel Moran [3:24] We’re going in all kinds of weird places. So I shut that down and took life in a different direction. Donate £20 today via PayPal (jarlo11@yahoo.com) and by way of thanks, we will send you a beautiful Irishman Abroad t-shirt wherever you are in the world. The truth of the Jim Rhon quote “We are compensated for the value we bring to the market place”. We get different results. This is your blueprint for greatness. my father could have been a great comedian, but he didn’t believe that that was possible for him. You know, I felt as though I had, I felt like the world’s biggest failure at 22 years old with a quarter million dollars in the bank, I felt like I was just this ultimate failure. Because the brain is always making comparisons. Goodness, he is absolutely right. It was supposed to Scooby Doo, but hey, we’re with let that go. And so I know that I only need to focus on that and everything else can be outsourced, or everything else comes secondary. And I demanded the I was not intentional, the I learned these lessons as a result of making a whole lot of mistakes. Were you one of those kids that like to use Lego bricks and those kind of things as a kid. Well, I mean, we have different accents. I have done that. It’s it’s the kind of the abstract side of life that that appeals to you more than the structure. He talks to Mike about his way with words and why he thinks satire might bring down the 45th president. We’re going in all kinds of weird places. If we believe that there’s a there’s a time in which you arrive. And it’s just madness, isn’t it? Disclaimer: All materials contained within this podcast are copyright protected. And looking at? But in this world, this recording studio that I’ve set up where I’m talking to you guys, I’ve never had one person in any show that has basically said, Yes, life is rubbish, and I hate being on this show. And you’ve seen when you haven’t put the efforts in, and you’ve got those rewards that weren’t as good as you you wanted? Whatever you’re comparing it to? So when I do things like improv, or when I speak to a group of 3000, Amazon sellers like I did this past weekend, or when I put up a video on YouTube and send it out to my subscriber list, they’re all fueling that same desire in myself, to be up in front of people to be extroverted to be providing value. So I don’t think there’s ever a point in which you arrive? living an extraordinary life is exactly the same. But there’s those moments, those gems, when they are sharing something by sharing deep, and it’s those threads are running through, but really pushing me on. And you made a speech back in 2005, which is integral to this show, I’m going to play this, and I just want to get your flavour on this. How are you Ryan? Have you taken a lot of that sort of knowledge from your parents and your, your peer group growing up? If the answer is ever No, then it’s time to make a change. And I was like a kind of Asian girl. You know, I’m going to look at everything I do and assess what I like doing and what I don’t like doing. So I like to have them in absorb a big bank ready to go and go live. But you you have you have really cutting to the chase, you’ve got one of those lives back. Ryan Daniel Moran [36:02] Oh, 100%. Jim Carrey [47:50] Of course, it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. And you don’t need to see it right now. I recognise that I recognised it did just before we say goodbye to you. Because you’re starting to reset what you were traditionally comparing yourself to on a regular basis. Because that kind of comment. I am I feel like a zero. And who in the world spells Ryan? Today, you’re starting to think. Or is it just by by the sort of life that you’ve LED, knocks and falls, they are knocks and falls? I was I was a late bloomer, actually.

Dior Print Png, Mckesson Supply Manager Login, Postal Code For Arepo Ogun State, Carl Williams Interview, Division 2 Technician Linked Laser Pointer Spotter,

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